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Bravo Designs is a firm with extensive experience in residential multi-family master planning, community planning, commercial buildings, educational facilities, custom residential, and commercial interiors.

As a Design Firm with a European style,  Bravo Designs is dedicated to the development of  livable environments with a refined sensitivity toward the land, its users, and its context. We do so by applying new green technologies and accurate material selection for any style. Based in Los Angeles, California and Florence, Italy,  the firm distinguishes itself through the imaginative design of sophisticated, context-driven buildings and communities, which stand as expressions of the users, the environment, as well as the designers. A highly rigorous and collaborative design process is employed in pursuit of a refined balance between the needs for building and housing in addition to respect for the preservation of natural habitats and watersheds. 

Bravo Designs has an exploratory approach to design, combining function with efficiency and innovative materials with social and environmental conscience. We are committed to the belief that the environment and human endeavor are not mutually exclusive and through creative and thoughtful planning, can effectively coexist and enhance one another.

There is a clear need for innovative technologies and creative designers. We believe that we can fill this void by developing a design that uses European ideas, technologies and materials. We analyze thoroughly the nature of the site and the needs of the building's users as it is only from this analysis that the design, materials and methods will be determined. Working as a team, in close collaboration with clients, consultants, contractors, and all other stakeholders the result is a responsive, original, intelligent and affordable design.